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about the owner

Three years ago I gave up my big city corporate career dreams in Minneapolis, MN and took a chance on a place that looked pretty on google. Seriously, I googled “Whitefish, Montana” asked my boyfriend if it looked like fun, realized there was a National Park nearby (I had no clue what a Glacier even was- let alone what a mountain looked like), and packed up our cars and cat and traveled 18 hours to a place we never before visited. Now you can find me skiing on Whitefish Mountain, hiking in Glacier National Park, boating and paddle-boarding on the rivers and lakes in the Flathead Valley, and completely enjoying the mountain lifestyle.


The best part about this cross country- life changing move was my journey back into art. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Retail Merchandising, and 2 minors in Studio Art and Business Management. After graduating I threw myself into my full-time job, leaving little time for art. One day about 2 years after moving to Montana my co-workers asked me if I wanted to go to a “Cork and Canvas” class. Since painting and drinking wine are two of my favorite things I said why not. The class was so fun, and I ended up connected with the owner and started instructing classes. I was painting again consistently for the first time in 3 years, and it felt so good!

After about 9 months, I ended up taking over the business. About 1 year after attending that first class, I moved the classes from a hotel banquet room into a permanent studio, re-branded as The Artisan Oyster, and began the journey of building a brand based on creativity and connection.

My favorite part of the classes is seeing where people can take my paintings. Everyone uses the same brushes, colors, and canvas. Yet, each painting turns out uniquely different, and is infused with the creativity of each person. Sometimes people add little animals, use completely different brush strokes or color combinations, or totally flip the composition. My goal is to push you outside your comfort zone when it comes to creativity, and in turn I end up being pushed outside my creative boundaries as well, and that is a place I truly enjoy.