FALL 2018

With the first snow falling this week, blanketing the mountains with that beautiful white powder it feels like we are transitioning out of fall and into winter. I might be an odd ball out by saying this, but fall and winter truly are my favorite seasons. The views are beautiful, my closet is stuffed with cozy sweaters and twinkle lights are everywhere. (My home, my office, my studio… etc).

But, before the studio goes full on Holiday (more on that below!) I thought it would be fun to do a little re-cap of fall classes!


This was the first time I started teaching collage classes in the studio, and you all loved it! It is always fun to see how different everyone’s paintings turn out, but WOW does collage provide a whole new way of creating. If your like “What is she talking about, collage?” Isn’t that like cutting out photos from magazines and gluing them together to hang on the wall of my teenage bedroom?” HA! Yes that is one definition, and yes I definitely used to cut up Teen People and make those. But this collage technique is using paper (we used old books or newspapers) to layer on the canvas first, creating texture, and then painting on top. Sometimes covering all the material, or in the pumpkin stack case letting some of those awesome book pages show through. If you liked this technique and want to learn more, or if you didn’t get a chance to do a class this fall, there will be 2 Christmas Collage paintings on the holiday calendar.


Continuing to partner with Meredith and Tailing Loop Winery, we had 3 classes there this fall, one being the first ever Bob Ross style class, and it was a hit! I love these classes and hope to introduce more after the holidays. We also did a collage class with the pumpkin stack, and of course the beautiful birch trees. Classes here are so much fun, the wine is always amazing, (and changing! She introduces new varieties all the time, but my favorite remains the Sangiovese. Expect to see one class in Nov, and then 3 in Dec! Always on Wednesday at 6 pm.


Painting, wine, sushi, what could be better? I am super excited to partner with Indah Sushi in Whitefish this winter and continue to do classes, and the first one in Sept was a blast! We painted the Northern Lights in Glacier. I like the option of giving a place to create in Whitefish. Expect a class from me in Nov, Jan and March! The light up tree for Nov is going to be a blast, if you are interested grab your spot here, they are going fast!


These are so much fun! I love hosting groups in the studio. If you ever can’t make a date, or have another painting you want to do in mind just send me an email, with a minimum of 4 you can set up a date! I love this group, they come in about once a month/every other month with their teenage daughters and create. It has been such a treat to see their styles develop. Look at those blue pumpkins, and the squash! Love the creativity!


This event was so so special, and so close to my heart. Middle school and high school was when I first found my love for painting, but struggled for a long time trying to make art that was “realistic” or “good” or wanting it to look just like others. That is why when I teach now, I encourage you all to be creative in your styles and embrace your uniqueness. I taught about 30 7-8 grade girls who were having a sleepover at their school. I lead them through a collage painting, where they could rip out magazine words and images that made them feel loved, or protected or empowered. Then they used their creativity to layer some paint on top, then to add in some birch trees for composition and since it is fall. They were a little nervous at first, but once they got messy with the glue and paint, you could see the light bulbs turn on and the creativity at full blast. I encouraged them to do what felt right, and for some that was doing more abstract, adding the trees, not adding the trees, etc. If I could encourage at least one girl that just because she doesn’t have time to take art in school, that you can still be creative, and if it doesn’t look like your friend’s art to embrace your uniqueness, I count that as a success. Thanks for having me ladies!


I had so much fun leading this group of little artists through a dinosaur themed birthday party this fall! They were soo excellent and creative, each one turned out so different! (If your interested in hosting a kids birthday, please email me here!)

Also continuing my partnership with the Kalispell Center Mall, we hosted 2 Kids and Canvas events this fall! One birch tree class and one pumpkin class. These events are so much fun and a great way to get kids to create outside of school! We will continue to host these free events, and are continuing to work out the best ways to do so. Right now, the November class is full, but we are planning on keeping them to once a month, and will be moving the time to 4:30 pm. Going forward, the first of the month is when the sign up will go live for each month, so keep a lookout on Facebook for the dates!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED ME IN THE STUDIO THIS FALL, I APPRECIATE YOU CREATING WITH ME AND INSPIRING ME WITH YOUR CREATIVITY. It truly means so much to me that you all come into the studio, many first time painters, and leave that fear behind of unknowing and just make art. That is my goal. My hope is that you make more art. At home, in my studio, in other studios, in school, wherever and whatever. Stay creative.

All class photos are now up on Facebook under the “Fall 2018 Classes photo album! Please feel free to share them, tag yourselves, or use them on your own page!

Next week (Nov 11-17) Ill be taking a break from open classes and prepping the studio for the holidays! I have a few private events next week, and want to get prepped for allll the Christmas painting we will do! You can only do it once a year, so I say go big or go home. Every class will be holiday themed now until the end of the year. if that isn’t your jam, that is fine too, we will resume regular classes in the new year!

If you are on my email list, the dates/times and sign up will be going live on Sunday, with a special discount just for those subscribers. (Not on the list? jump on here) Facebook events will go up on Monday, so this will give you first access to any class you want to sign up for in advance. Holiday classes will begin Tuesday November 20.

I will also be doing a week of Facebook live events, giving a little insight into each painting, the process/inspiration, and answering any questions about classes. Nov 12-16 every day at 6:00 pm. The re-plays will be available on Facebook if you miss out. Jump on an ask a question or just to say hello! Here is a sneak peak of some new classes:'

Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to create with you soon!

Ashley Lindemann